Kate Katharina WLTM …

Tree-loving, anxiety-riddled Irishwoman, GSOH, seeks literary fling with stranger on the Internet. Specifically, to read first 20,000 words of her novel and discuss if desired.

Ideal respondent is dispassionate enough to crush dreams if necessary but with no vested interest in doing so. Trolls (though the most loyal of all readers) need not apply.

Detailed feedback not required, and novel relationship may be terminated with no hard feelings. Long-term literary relationship not ruled out, as long as LSH approves.

And now in plain English:

Writing a novel is torturous! I’ve no idea if what I’ve done is any good at all. But you might! If you’re one of the lovely people who’ve been reading and commenting on my blog over the last few years and feel like you’d like to get your literary teeth into something rough and ready, please let me know! You can e-mail or tweet me. Send a pigeon if you will!

Also, if you enjoyed reading about Frau B, you might find it interesting. It’s not about her (I promise!) but it’s set in a nursing home. I can’t guarantee anything but I hope one or two bits might make you smile.

I don’t need any fancy literary criticism. I’d just like an honest answer to the questions: Did you like it? Hate it? Something in between? And: would you read on? If you can also say why, then we could be literary friends for life!

Also: the reason I’m looking for strangers is because friends are too nice. They say kind things because they know the truth might make you throw away your quill or close over your laptop forever in despair.


13 thoughts on “Kate Katharina WLTM …

  1. Kate, if you’re interested in an American’s slant on your work, I offer my services. (Btw, I am vehently anti-Trump, if that is relevant to the task)! My taste in novels is decidedly Europe-centered, my bookshelves are graced with everyone from Bulgakov to Zola, currently re-reading the great Aubrey/Maturin novels of Patrick O’Brien. I would be honored to assist the career of a budding young writer, and promise my unvarnished opinion, for what it’s worth.


    • Hi Robert, that would be wonderful, thank you so much! While certainly not up to the standard of Belgakov and Zola, it’s certainly Europe-centered and there’s only a very small Trumpian reference that I can warn you of in advance! I’ll send you an e-mail 🙂


  2. Kate, I enjoy reading awhenever time permits. Some historical fiction, world economics, WW2, and am currently ploughing through our national radio’s 2016 list of the all time top 100 books by a Canadian author (almost entirely fiction). Would your second cousin once removed be too close to be objective? Your grandfather was certainly not shy about offering constructive criticism of my own modest efforts!!! And I won’t be offended whatever you decide to do. Good on you for writing. Best regards from Canada Doug Fletcher



    • Dear Doug, how lovely to hear from you again and I do hope this finds you well! A second cousin – once removed at that – may well have the required distance and I’m very grateful that he would offer to take the time with such a great list of titles competing for his attention on the national radio list! Also, do his literary efforts which fascinated my grandfather continue? If so, I would be happy to offer my services in return 🙂 will email you the script in the next few days! Thanks so much!


  3. As someone who waited for the Frau B pieces with great interest I’d like to see what that relationship inspired…
    So if you’re happy to entrust to a grandmother of 5 of lively and varied literary interests then send it on … Anne


  4. Dear Kate,

    1. I loved reading about Frau B. 2. I’m not a stranger but I wouldn’t say we were friends; we are colleagues on friendly terms. 3. As a woman in her mid-60s, I might provide another perspective. 4. When I was studying writing one of my former professors asked me to read her manuscript and give her feedback. (key word: former. No chance my critique would affect my grade) 5. If you need another set of eyes, I humbly offer my services.




    • Hi Suzanne, Thank you so much for your offer. It was always so lovely to read your comments below the posts about Frau B. I’d love to hear your thoughts, if you could spare the time. I’ll send you an e-mail with the script! Thanks so much x


  5. Hi Kate I’d love to read the novel, but if you think I’m too known to you, that’s fine! I’ll give you my honest thoughts on it 😊 Hope all is well with you, Lisa x


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