Frau B

Frau B is a 96 year-old lady I visit at a nursing home in Berlin every week. She’s also one of my best friends. Here are some stories about her.

Coffee with Frau Bienkowski                                                                                           Another Cup with Frau Bienkowski                                                                                     Watching the snow with Frau Bienkowski                                                                          Frau Bienkowski’s Photograph                                                                                           Frau Bienkowski and the Irish convent                                                                                ‘You’re not thinking of marriage, no?‘                                                                                Frau Bienkowski’s three fried eggs                                                                                   Frau Bienkowski meets LSB                                                                                            Once upon a time in leafy Charlottenburg                                                                       Should I get married to avoid the home for superior spinsters?                                Christmas with Frau B                                                                                                         On life and death and the sanitary towels in between                                                             A stich in time                                                                                                                     ‘Had he ever said he loved me?’ she wondered                                                                 ‘Auf die Minute!‘                                                                                                               Legs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Merry Christmas, Frau Bienkowski                                                                                   Why you should keep your mouldy shower curtains                                                           Frau B takes on the “modern condition”                                                                             Frau Bienkowki breaks her leg


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