Frau B


Frau B was an old lady I visited once a week for five years. She was also one of my best friends. Sadly, she passed away in January of 2018. Here are some stories about her.


Coffee with Frau Bienkowski
Another cup with Frau Bienkowski
Watching the snow with Frau Bienkowski
Frau Bienkowski’s photograph
Frau Bienkowski and the Irish covent
“You’re not thinking of marriage,no?” asked Frau Bienkowski
Frau Bienkowski’s three fried eggs
Frau Bienkowski meets LSB
‘Getting an abortion in 1953 wasn’t that easy’
Auf die Minute
‘Had he ever said he loved me?’ she wondered
A stitch in time
On life and death and the sanitary towels in between
Christmas with Frau B


Should I get married to avoid the home for superior spinsters?
Ever the bridesmaid…
Once upon a time in leafy Charlottenburg
Merry Christmas, Frau Bienkowski


Why you should keep your moudly shower curtains
Frau B takes on the ‘modern Kondition’
Frau Bienkowski on contentment
Frau Bienkowski’s cousin
Frau Bienkowski breaks her leg
Frau Bienkowski’s ex-boyfriend


Frau B and the elusive Christmas package
‘I think I’m invincible’ 
Goodbye Frau Bennett


On bombs and sock drawers
When the world gets smaller
Falling leaves
The rabbit cage


The end




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