Why people stop blogging

You can spot them miles away.

Blogs that have been abandoned by the successful.

As the days and months go by, the posts became sparser.

A dig through the archives reveals evidence of more humble times – detailed descriptions of trips to the supermarket, unsolicited critiques of films,dramatic confessions that nobody really cares about, anecdotes about odd family gatherings and photographs of asparagus.

Posts become weightier. Themes like politics and history rear their ugly heads.002

Success becomes a legitimate reason to write a blog post.

Out with the grainy pictures of home-made jam and in with shiny pictures of cook book launches.

Links to appearances in more well-read publications begin to appear, like acid being poured on a wilting flower.

Enough, I say.

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.

But don’t worry. I haven’t become a massive success.

I’m just guilty of benign neglect.

And I’ve also been surprisingly busy.

And, alright, if you MUST know, I’ve been writing quite a lot for other publications.

Sickening, I know.

But I haven’t forgotten where I came from.

I’m still Kate Katharina, creep supreme and number 1 fan of the lampsilis mussel.

Last month, I interviewed a 49-year-old woman whom I met in a homeless shelter.

She spoke to me in fluent English.

Every day, she goes to a cafΓ© run by a homeless charity, where she sits, smoking and writing Final Fantasy 7 fan fiction.

I’m planning an entire post dedicated to that encounter soon.

Last week, I went down to Bernauer Strasse, where Michelle Obama and the girls were visiting remnants of the Berlin wall.

In the blistering heat, I interviewed a few people who had gathered to welcome them.

One of them was Ruben, a Dutch civil servant, who had driven all the way from Holland for the Obama visit.

His enthusiasm was infectious.

After I’d taken his photograph and the Obamas had departed, he asked me whether there was a loo anywhere in the area.

I wasn’t sure if this was off-the-record.

As the road was closed off and most of the cafes on the street were shut, I took him back to the little three-person office where I freelance and presented him to my colleague as “Ruben, a Dutchman who is going to use our facilities.”

I’ve also been working on- www.berlinab50.com which is a blog aimed at Berliners in the 50-or-over category. I’m guessing that doesn’t include most of my present readers.

And I’ve been visiting Frau Bienkowski, who has vowed never to let slip again that she was invited to dine on asparagus in palatial surroundings.

Rivalry in the home can become quite intense.

And LSB was over for a few days too.

I took him up in a giant air balloon and fed him with falafel.

And we had our first ever experience with a disposable grill set.

And on that intriguing note, let me leave you with a link to an article I wrote last night for an Irish paper.

the promise to do my very best to blog more regularly again.

14 thoughts on “Why people stop blogging

  1. I hold your promise to my heart πŸ˜‰
    On a side note, I have been thinking about you for the last two weeks and looking at your last post. Wondering how you have been doing:p
    I must say you did well with your ‘returning’ article – the usual dose of wit and humour πŸ™‚
    Read the article you wrote last night, it has a nice touch coming from you – a young Irish who migrated to Germany. I think the germans’ impression are generally gotten from the media and the short getaways to Ireland – most of the time, dont we all think the countries we visit(for less than a week) are ‘amazing and fantastic’ ? πŸ˜‰

    I will look forward(still) to your next post:)


    • That’s serious.. now I’ll HAVE to blog more πŸ™‚ Really touched that you’ve been thinking of me. Sorry again I’ve been out of touch.

      Glad you enjoyed the article too! It’s true about that which we don’t know often appearing romantic.. But I have the sense that with Ireland, Germans consider it almost mystical.. our tourist board sure does sell that though!

      Hope you’re doing well πŸ™‚


      • No worries, I am really glad that you have been good and is doing well for yourself:) Still remember it didn’t seem to be too long ago we had that discussion on your quarter life crisis. Things do have a nice way of turning out even though it might not have appeared overly promising at first. I feel inspired by you. Thanks very much for sharing your life and experience. It means a great deal to me:)

        Ireland does have that mystical fog surrounding it. We should give a pat on the tourist board for the great job:P


  2. Nice to get the email alert for this blog post! Also, I read your piece in the Indo this evening, well done! I’ve always liked reading your blog because you talk of Europe a lot and all the travels you’re doing and the people you meet. I’m currently in Vienna on holiday, after having moved to Strasbourg to work (travel is way easier when you’re in the middle of it all!). Might start writing about Europe myself! I look forward to the next post!


    • Hey Aileen,

      Nice to hear from you! Was reading your blog this morning too. It looks like you’re up to really exciting things! Good job on The Journal article too. You made some really good points.

      Have a lovely time in Vienna! I spent a month there last summer! Make sure to lounge on the “Entsies” by the museum quarter and try some “Kaiserschmann”

      Enjoy yourself and thanks for dropping by!


  3. This made me very happy:) Maybe it’s some form of voyeurism… but good blogs that get a bit personal, are down to earth AND are well-written, are the best. I think that’s what I love about your blogs.


    • Aw, Rachel – this put a massive, silly smile on my face! Thank you so much. How lucky am I to have such a kind reader from across the waters!

      Would love to hear how you’re getting on! Are you still in York? If you ever find yourself in Berlin, please get in touch! xx


  4. The confessions of a tardy blogger were very welcome. Great to have another blog post again.
    I am delighted that you have been so busy. The trip in the hot air balloon must have been amazing! What a nice surprise for LSB.


  5. It wasn’t quite hot air but it was a gigantic helium balloon! I took him on a Schifffahrt from Charlottenburg to Friedrichstrasse too πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your encouragement, Bewunderer! xx


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