Money talks but I’m not buying it (review of JT Foxx mega speaker event published on Deutsche Welle)

UPDATE: You can keep track of  JT Foxx’s encounters with US tax authorities at the following link: 

You can always search for updated material by searching for the case number 008 342-18 here:

Here is an overview of cases filed to date.

You can get further insights into the JT Foxx’s business practices at the JT Foxx Information pageon Facebook.

Deutsche Welle has kindly given me the permission to reproduce this article below:

He describes himself as the world’s number one wealth coach, a friend of celebrities and a billionaire in the making. But despite his cunning-sounding surname and the gravity implied by the two initials that precede it, JT Foxx doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page to his name.

The free “Mega Speaker” event in Berlin was held on June 8 in a hotel beyond the city’s Schönefeld airport. It was part of a world tour that kicked off in May and runs until early July. Organizers claim to be looking for people “who want to be known, remembered and significant.”

Who on earth, I wondered, attends such events? I signed up.

JT Foxx (Facebook/JT Foxx) JT Foxx announces his tour dates on Facebook


I prepared for it by watching a poorly produced and comically absurd promotional documentary titled “JT Foxx: A Biography: The Untold Story of a Millionaire Underdog.” It includes awkwardly-staged endorsements from Eric Trump, son of the US President, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and actor Al Pacino. The video claims to have been produced by “Hollywood Kingmaker Films,” an impressive-sounding entity I can’t find mention of anywhere else on the internet.

The walk from the train station to the hotel takes you past fields and down roads decidedly off the beaten track. It wasn’t long before I met others going the same way.

The dress code was the giveaway. The men were in suits and carried briefcases. The women were wearing dresses and heels. One told me she was a musician from London. She’d just brought out an album but needed to make some money. Speaking, she’d thought, could be the way.

At 9 AM the doors opened and we were ushered into a nondescript conference room. The opening act was a man called Reggie Batts. Tall, attractive and self-assured, he told us there were two types of people in the world: “right-brainers” and “left-brainers.”

The former act impulsively, the latter think first. Right-brainers always barge in and sit at the front. Left-brainers wait for the others to shuffle in, and then take their seats at the back. In the front row, a middle-aged woman in a headscarf nodded along enthusiastically, frequently blurting out “yes!”

JT Foxx’s own entrance was underwhelming. Less charismatic than the support act and sporting two pins on his lapel (one the American flag, the other the German) he opened with a rant about Berlin’s airports.

In the hours that followed, JT Foxx fed the 167 people gathered a cocktail of hyperbole concerning his fame and wealth, vacuous clichés masquerading as business advice and menacing sales pitches.

JT Foxx (DW/K. Ferguson) The Berlin hotel where JT Foxx held his free event


He made no secret of the fact that he pays celebrities tens of thousands of dollars to appear on stage with him. He claims to pay John Travolta half a million dollars for a joint appearance. His connection with the Hollywood A-lister apparently earns him enough street cred to multiply the money he invested several times over.

He described an instance when he annoyed Travolta by going off script, putting him on the spot and making him perform a song from Grease during a paid appearance. It was part of a plot engineered to generate more clicks online. He said it worked, though the relationship with Travolta soured as a result. (Footage of that event can be seen here.)

“He’s never quite forgiven me,” Foxx said. “Would I do it again? Definitely.”

The first product JT Foxx tried to sell seemed harmless enough: a set of CDs, apparently featuring business advice he himself had paid a former coach $250,000 for. The catch was that there were only 15 copies available. They would be for sale at the back of the room during the first break. The woman in the headscarf was among several people who joined the line to buy.

As the rest of us filed out, I was desperate to find out how the rest of the crowd felt about JT Foxx.

“He sure knows how to close,” a middle-aged man said in German. “You could learn something from him.”

“I don’t like his way of selling,” a young man said, to which an older woman who frequently attends events like these retorted: “You’ve got the wrong mindset.”

Things took a more sinister turn after the break, when JT Foxx began speaking about women. “Most women can’t sell,” he said, claiming that they “love telling their sad stories.”

This led to an anecdote about a first date with a beautiful woman who told him 36 minutes in that she’d been raped. This proved a massive turn-off for JT, who told us that: “No one cares about your problems. They only care about themselves.” Further enlightened views about women included boasting about his connections with Miss Cape Town 2016 and that he was considering “buying the pageant.”

The purpose of the rest of the event was to “select” people to turn into “mega speakers.” As it turned out, this meant anyone who was willing to spend between 4,000 and 20,000 euros on the spot.

JT Foxx (DW/K. Ferguson) We were given a sheet of paper with four ‘options’


This is how it happened: We were given a sheet of paper with four “options.” Our job was to write down the usual prices and then JT Foxx would announce the incredible, one-day-only-just-for-Berlin offer.

Option 1: A day of one-on-one coaching or four days of group coaching with JT Foxx. The cost: 4,000 euros.

Option 2: Getting coached at one of JT’s mansions, in either Florida or Thailand, costing just 8,000 euros.

Option 3: The opportunity to speak for 15 minutes in front of a large crowd at the “Money, Wealth and Business” conference in South Africa, for 12,500 euros. A unique opportunity to build your brand.

Option 4: The once-in-a-lifetime, career-enhancing opportunity to interview either Al Pacino or Mark Wahlberg for only 20,000 euros.

Not less than eight people chose at least one of the options. Most of them were young women. They were then taken out to the lobby for one-on-one interviews with members of JT Foxx’s team.

It wasn’t long before their credit cards came out and JT Foxx, once again, became tens of thousands of euros richer overnight.

Before the Berlin event, JT Foxx had held similar workshops in Singapore, Dublin, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Amsterdam. The second leg of the tour sees him speaking in four US cities, as well as Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Adelaide.

And each time, he is likely to get what he needs: a handful of people willing to gamble away their savings for a shot at stardom.

67 thoughts on “Money talks but I’m not buying it (review of JT Foxx mega speaker event published on Deutsche Welle)

  1. Beautifully written, and kinda creepy. Looks like Scientology has started rolling out is Grant Cardone clones in another effort to take over the world.


    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! When I began doing research I was really amazed by how little has so far been written about him.. ! It’s sad that more isn’t available online so people know what they’re signing up for in advance! All the best from Berlin 🙂


      • Kate, I bought into JT’s R.E. coaching scam back in 2010. I wrote many reviews on different websites, but they disappeared over time. I’m pretty sure he has a small army of people removing any evidence from the internet of negative reports…


      • That’s actually not true. Many many things have been written about him. However what he does is pay people to create articles and write ups on him with strong seo, therefore pushing down all the things written about him. Those bad things that were written are online however they on pages 6-20 on google. That’s how he does it.


  2. I was very disappointed with the JT Foxx Mega Speaker event I attended in San Diego on September 13th.

    I am a professional travel speaker at large travel shows and other venues as well as TV and radio drawing big audiences and thought it was be nice to learn even more skills and extend my exposure to more people.

    I left the presentation early after realizing I had probably fallen for an age-old scam. Billed as a presentation to learn how to become a better speaker and obtain speaking engagements, it became clear that this was one of those scams where they boost up a presenter (not JT Foxx) who goes on and on telling you how successful he has become giving speeches to large groups of people and meeting celebrities. Of course, the assumption is you can do it too earning big bucks (that is what he says over and over). You discover that the speaker never was a professional speaker and the “crowds” are the ones like you who have fallen for this scam.

    Even after recognizing this, I stayed for a while in the hopes that maybe they would actually present some good ideas. After almost 40 minutes, I had learned nothing and left when I realized that I was bored at a presentation about learning how to be a better speaker.

    If this is the scam I thought it was, they probably have some sort of ‘program’ they are selling and the longer they keep you in your seat, the better chance you will buy it – I may be wrong but it is so typical of others like this I have been fooled into attending. They even tape (literally) off a large section of the seating area to crowd people in – probably to make their photos come out better.

    This is what they advertise the presentation to be and in the first 40 minutes none of it occurred – and no JT Foxx:

    What should you expect to hear at the event?
    • How the speaking business works
    • How to get speaking gigs
    • How to get media credibility
    • How to brand yourself
    • How to create a presentation that converts
    • How to make money online
    • And so much more! (But you will just have to see for yourself)
    In any event, the presentation had very little content and I didn’t see much hope of it getting better, only wasting more of my time.

    Wayne Dunlap
    Plan Your Escape®


    • Hi Wayne
      Thanks for your comment. I register6to go to the seminar in Cape Town at the end of the month. However I have read so many negative comments here that I am now changing my mind. It obviously is a big scam….


  3. Very few times in my life I felt compelled in writing a review. And today, October 11, 2017, after attending this “mega” event near Munich, I could not let pass a chance to share with others my opinion on this. I went there without reading anything about JT foxx or his business. Which means, I was pretty neutral and open to simply check things out. After 4 hours (the morning session), this is what I have to say:
    1) JT Foxx is NOT a good speaker himself. So, it shocked me he is claiming to transform (train) anyone in either becoming an amazing coach or a top world level speaker.
    2) He is a compulsive name-dropper. Hiring celebrities to be at your events for 1-2 hours does NOT make you the number 1 speaker of the world (which he is not, by the way).
    I have no intention in harming his business but strongly felt uneasy throughout the whole time there. It was not because of the overpriced CDs, or the bad-talking on Americans or others who questioned his abilities (credibilites?). It bothered me a lot how he overplayed the guilty trip card on “vulnerable” people who are somewhat striving for a change in life, and therefore took part on his event. Professionally, he is not only not a good speaker, but he doesn’t sound genuine.
    Research a lot before making any financial commitment on this program. I am definitely not convinced.


    • Hi Andy, It sounds like you had a very similar experience to mine. I can only agree that it is prudent not to make any financial commitment before thinking it through. Taking time to think and discussing the decision with a partner was explicitly discouraged at the event I went to and billed as a sign of weakness. This set off even more alarm bells.


  4. Hi,
    I was at the event in Manchester. I had never seem/heard of him before so I went with an open mind. To be honest, I left feeling inspired by his tenacity, focus and fearlessness. He says it how it is, and sometimes that kind of brutal honestly (however uncomfortable) is what’s required to make a change in ones life. No one was forced to be there and no one was forced to sign up for anything. Personally, I think he’s awesome and has many gifts that he’s sharing with people. I’m sorry your experience wasn’t as good however. I personally would recommend people to go and see him and to make up your own mind.


    • Hi Ahmed, I’m glad you had a good experience and wish you all the best. I agree people should make up their own minds. I also believe they should critically analyse the pyschological techniques employed to encourage people to buy on the spot and the credibility of the claims surrounding the cult of personality promoted by the speaker. It is also worth evaluating why the self-proclaimed world’s number 1 wealth coach has no Wikipedia page and why impartial information about him is so hard to find online.


  5. Thanks so much for these reviews!!! I signed up for the Baltimore, MD (USA) event to learn how to promote my book (“Retire on Real Estate”). However, I will not sacrifice a whole day to sit with (yet another) scam artist. It is truly shameful how people can get away with this sort of thing. I’ve discovered many of these scams in the real estate investing world too, sadly!!! Thanks again! ~K. Kai Anderson (


  6. Thank you! I attended a seminar he was speaking at just yesterday in Sydney Australia. I had attended the event because Gary V, a now well known business man and motivational speaker was presenting there. I was solely there for him, and did no research on any of the other speakers that were before him especially JT Foxx. The whole time he was speaking I felt uncomfortable and disgusted. It’s funny that you said he proclaimed that woman were BAD at selling when in Sydney he said that woman were way BETTER sellers than men. You would think that someone that’s been on that many covers of magazines would have a lot more written about them on the internet.
    Thank you for writing this.


    • Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment! I’ve been getting a lot of traffic from Australia the past couple of days, so I think many who attended the event may have been puzzled that there wasn’t more online about a supposed celebrity. One explanation for that is that Foxx’s strategy for combatting negative reviews online is to send threatening lawyers letters. This has been the experience of several bloggers. Many have removed their posts out of fear, or because they cannot afford the legal fees. I’m really glad that staying firm on the truth has been able to help people feel reassured about their impression of the event.


      • Hi There. I went to the same event in Melbourne, many people signed up and didn’t realise there was a no refund policy on the course. The course that was being sold was about $k. A friend of mine is in Sydney at his course and said the room is very empty and JT said that over 50% of people that paid for the program didn’t show up.


      • Oh dear – I pity those people for not getting a refund. I’m surprised so many people chose to buy but didn’t end up attending though.. Perhaps they had second thoughts after having time to reflect?


  7. Hi there greetings from jakarta indonesia, I was on my way to buy ticket to la to attend mega success event than i come across this posting, I even already paid for the bootcamp 1100 pound and I haven’t done my research. I definitely not going to la next week after i read all this review. I know this kinda thing has a sell up. But i thought he’s different. as the event is very tempting considering it held in one of the happiest place on earth aka disneyland and also with a lot of american artist attending the event is really is an exciting gimmick for audience to attend. But i don’t know whether worth it or not. has anyone attend the boot camp and also the mega success event for 5 days, what is the agenda until 5 days i wonder. please share it if you know. thanks


  8. It seems to be that he is a genuinely successful business man. That much is true. But he seems to be successful at meerly presenting himself as successful and making a business from that if that makes sense. He’s set some things in motion that just keep getting bigger and bigger realising that feeding it with A list celebrities pays off as the feedback loop grows. A Friné of mine goes to many of his events – she seems to enjoy them which I guess is good but I do wonder how manipulated she is.


  9. Thank you for chairing your experience. I think he is brilliant in how to influence and getting people with poor personality and self confidence to follow him. I lost a good friend by following him. She already separated herself from old friends and just stays with her new “family”. So sad to see her running in a disaster. And she is already not self critical to let other people open her eyes. I have no idea how to get her out of his spirit.


    • Hi Max, Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. You are definitely not the first person who has contacted me to say you are worried about a friend who has become involved with JT Foxx. Please feel free to e-mail me in if you”d like to talk more about the issue. All the best to you!


  10. Interesting to come and see and read some of these comments. My friend had posted something about them being at a conference in Disneyland. They had the privilege/honor(or by now reading your comments) paid the privilege of interviewing one of the celebrities. I was intrigued because they had the opportunity to do something like that. So first thing I did was look up #megasuccess. Found out about a JT Foxx. Next thing i did was google this guy. Found his website and clicked on it. Just by looking at his website i could tell something was not all there. For knowing and being with all these celebrities and claiming to be he #1 wealth coach, his website looked like a high schooler did it in an IT class. I also looked at his prices to attend and they are ridiculous. Who pays $50k to take a picture with a celebrity. $800 to attend general admission. Maybe I am not his target market but as soon as I saw these prices for the LA workshop, scam came to mind.But maybe I am wrong, maybe he is great at what he does. But your damn sure i will be asking my friend about it.

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    • Hi Charlie, Thanks for reading. I would guess, based on the event I went to, that your friend paid $20,000 for the privilege of interviewing the celebrity. I would also, sadly, expect that you might be called a “hater” for questioning the legitimacy of Foxx’s claims, or in fact of voicing any concern at all. Foxx explicitly encouraged people at the event I went to make snap decisions and not to discuss making an investment with their spouse first. Critical thinking is a big threat to this kind of business model. Feel free to e-mail me personally to discuss this further.


    • I responded to a Facebook ad of his that they were training women to be speakers because companies are dying to hire women.

      The event went from 9 am until 7 pm with a lunch break. He’s good. He’s compelling. He speaks directly and I liked it.

      I specifically told him that I also take into account how his team takes care of the business. At the event they were great. I bought two CD’s and a ticket to the Mega Success event in LA. I went with two women I met at the one day free seminar.

      I don’t know how the VIP experience is, but the $100 seat fillers is awful.

      They say dress to impress and network your ass off. There wasn’t one person there I wanted to network with. It’s 99% Europeans who are impressed to be at Disneyland and see “celebrities”. Not putting them down, but look at the context.

      The CEO Damian as a host is so boring and every sentence of his so fake rah rah is nauseating. This is remedial level mindset training.

      Then George Ross was “interviewed”. I love George and he’s entertaining. Then the people who paid $20K lined up to get their one question with him. First of all, the stage was so ugly. It wasn’t anything like what he showed from the year before that was beautiful. JT made at least a million dollars off the Australians asking George questions. No way JT is in the red from this event like he claims.

      So ten people lined up to ask George a question. Then ten more. And more. And more. At least 50 people, mostly from Australia asked him a question. This is their big $20K shot. And many of them fell flat. Nobody trained them on how to use the mic. Or dress for the camera. Or how to speak, and enunciate. You couldn’t even hear their questions.

      So we as the audience were tortured by the boredom and the 50 or so suckers took over an hour to get through this ritual.

      The people around me were not remotely dressed to impress.

      Emails went out saying there would be no reserved seating but there was.

      The JT Foxx team failed in that they identified the first two rows as reserved seating, but only on the left aisle, which nobody would walk up since it was close to a rail, so people would sit in these seats thinking they got great seating, but then eventually an usher came around and made them leave.

      I’d be furious if I got there early to get good seats and then had to move to the back as the event started.

      The host was terrible.

      We arrived on day 2 and JT wasn’t even there. I can’t even fathom one has an event of this caliber and isn’t even in attendance until day three. It was so boring we decided to bail. We didn’t even return for the “celebrity” of the night which was Steve Wozniak.

      The vendors were all coaches. Why would I want to be coached by these people when I’m there to get coached by the #1 coach? We didn’t understand the vendor set up at all.

      Disneyland is a terrible place to host this event. 2500 people in the room and the coffee shop in the convention center has four employees and it took 20 minutes to get a drink. The Lyft driver dropped us off about three blocks from the entrance in an area they don’t let cars enter, but we didn’t know because we had never been there so we had to walk in heels. It was awful maneuvering around running children but the Euros were all into being at Disneyland.

      We kept checking social media to see if the event appeared better but JT barely has anything going on. I thought at this event I would learn how to become a speaker but there is zero content. It’s a place for the students to speak and the second day was filled with 10-15 minute speakers who’s content was so beyond beginner it was laughable.

      One woman speech consisted of advice on how to make a good first impression. Smile. Have a good handshake. Dress well. Really??

      Another woman told us of this life changing event she experienced with zero emotion or passion. She memorized her words and delivered it like a book report. Didn’t inspire or hold our attention. If this is the graduation from his coaching, I would never buy his courses.

      And on top of the boring topics, the delivery was so awful that I lost all credibility to spend another dime with this guy and am filled with regret about the $900 I spent on his CD’s and this ticket and then the $250 I spent one day at the event.

      As I searched online for info, I found a video he made about how your audience has to have an “experience”. I don’t even know if he knows how awful the team executed our experience. We very much wanted it to be great but it wasn’t.

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  11. Hi, and greetings from Orlando Florida.

    A friend sent me a link to your blog today; he wanted to make sure that I didn’t fall for a scam!. My first thought was” You are underestimating my intelligence:-).”

    I am one of the many entrepreneurs who bought into the full JT Foxx coaching program.

    That’s why I would like to share my point of view. I do not have any need to convince or change anyone’s mind. I am not the one to judge other peoples experiences.
    I am just a client who got value for my money, and I think that part of the story deserves some blog space as well.

    A short introduction!
    I consider myself an intelligent, successful and well-balanced individual:-). Check out my website
    I am a public speaker, author, coach and philanthropist living my third chance at life. My Wikipedia i”Susan Binau” s for real. (Anything not verified on Wikipedia will usually be removed from the site right away. I have a Masters degree (verified), from University of Roskilde. My IQ is above average. I won a business award for my leadership programs in 2009, and it was handed to by the Minister of Education in Denmark.

    Attending the free JT Foxx Event, Orlando 2017
    The program sounds similar to what is described, however, what I brought home from the event was more knowledge than when I came. JT gave his tips for free. Two friends attended, they got inspired but didn’t buy anything.

    I bought the coaching/branding program, and JT’s concept made sense to me. Note: I don’t think the majority of people with a big “coaching” budget is easy to scam. At least I don’t know anyone in business, who would pay 25.000 dollars plus for empty air.”

    Dream Team, Toronto 2017.
    I attended the first Event (Dream Team) in Toronto a few weeks after Orlando. My peers (entrepreneurs from all over the world) and the three dream team coaches (all successful business owners with high integrity ) gave me inspiration, tools, and knowledge to move forward with my business concept.

    LA 2017.
    My family and I attended the Mega Success.
    I got my interview with Mel Gibson and we a great conversation about the fear of speaking in public. It is a useful tool for my online programs in public speaking.
    I would not have gotten to Mel Gibson without JT Foxx org.
    (Did you know that corporations also “buy” celebs to attend events. It is the most common thing).

    Atlanta (5 days ago).
    I got my certification as a Corporate Public speaker, This time from another company. Great experience. I got great value for my money and expanded my business network. (I may end up with a book contract). You never know where the possibilities are if you don’t look for them.

    Perception is reality!
    We all have different needs and perceptions of the world.
    Sometimes we like how people act, present and sell, other times not. Two people, see things differently.

    I don’t have a large budget in my company or a trust fund. The fact is, I am a single mother, starting a new business adventure after leaving my marriage and everything I knew that was safe. On top of that, I was close to dying 12 months ago.
    Receiving coaching from passionate and skilled people has helped me to set new goals for my future.

    In conclusion:
    Don’t underestimate the intelligence of Steve W (co-founder of Apple, and all the other celebs, entrepreneurs, speakers, and attendees who are collaborating with the JT Foxx Organization.
    A native Dane from one of the happiest countries, I was schooled to be a critical thinker. I would be the last one to buy into “empty air. I got more value for my money than expected.

    Thank you for reading this to the end. I will not replay to hatefull comments. This is sent in a positive spirit.

    Best regards
    Susan Binau


    • Hi Susan, Thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear you had a good experience and that your health has improved. As you say, there are diverse experiences and it’s right that everyone be allowed to air theirs. All the best to you in the future.


    • Hi I attended megasuccess in LA this November also, for the entire 6 days. Overall for me was great experience 👍 I wasn’t on stage interviewing or speaking, but I was there learning and networking. To me it was worth my money (I got my ticket early so was much cheaper than $800 😂). I found the style of megasuccess was different from the one day mega speaker event that I went to months ago, i think with a longer event, there is more space to cover more aspects of running a successful business. I was really impressed by the quality of people that I met at megasuccess: people who take positive actions to change their life & businesses. I made many new friends! I learned helpful business tips (Of course this experience will be different for different people) and attending the event inspired me to generate more momentum at what I do. It gave me more courage & confidence to talk about what matters to me. On the last day of megasuccess, one of the speakers who has also been a coaching student told everyone on stage with such genuine sense of gratitude:”Thank you SO MUCH JTFOXX!! My income has been 5 times since I am a student in your organization!” My interpretation was that it truly came from heart. *disclaimer: I do not work for the JTFoxx organization. Speaking from my personal experience, my two cents 😄 We are all unique individuals, so we might all have our own experiences, and that’s ok!


    • Hi Susan,
      can you please explain why, for a syndicated radio show, JT Foxx does not appear on any of the schedules of the radio stations he posts on ?
      Perhaps you could share one or two examples of things you learned from JT that helped you to grow your business?
      Why does JT have zero freinds on Facebook and zero network on LinkedIn? What does he do with his 50+ businesses?
      I seek to understand.


    • Hi Ann,
      Enlighten me, please? ..what does it tell you about me because I am a certified speaker?
      I have been a public speaker for 15 years. Most of the times offering my time for free. I am supporting cancer patients, their loved ones and especially children who have lost a parent.
      I got my speaker certification 2 weeks ago after attending a workshop for keynote speakers.
      Public speaking is a skill everyone can learn, and it doesn’t require a certification.
      My point was to explain a bit of my education.
      Have a wonderful Sunday..
      Susan Binau


  12. I respectfully disagree. I am a business owner and I like to keep learning. In the past years I have attended several business success events and I have almost always learnt something from all of these events, not because I bought their coaching or additional programs, but just by watching and analyzing how they do their presentations or what is the message they are giving. Remember, they are selling something, so at least for a couple of minutes in their hour long presentation they will actually tell you what they are selling. You need to pay attention to that, understand and make a decision based on that. For me, I have found my coach, JT Foxx.


  13. JT Foxx self-styled Mega Speaker:
    I was at an event yesterday, in Frankfurt. We were strongly discouraged from taking pictures, so I have had to make do with this mock-up (see pic). There are several odd things about this event. Firstly, the daily Facebook posts reminding me to attend, for the past 2 weeks, have all vanished. Then it was odd that an event purporting to want to develop the audience into better Speakers, Coaches and Trainers did none of this and instead just pushed product in the form of CDs/DVDs or coaching sessions about whose content little was divulged, and yet people were handing over nearly half a grand for them. Finally, and I will stop here else it will get too long, the constant showering with big money numbers and Hollywood celebrities that JT pays to appear with him just to give the impression he is “in that sphere” just got too much. He trotted out several bland “coachees” who didn’t set the room on fire, is that an indication of the degree of transformation we can expect? Highly entertaining, I took notes for 3 1/2 hours but this morning can find little of substance beyond grand statements like “You need to be different” and “Innovate!” with no further detail offered.
    This man is hopping from country to country, just stopping long enough to bamboozle a room to weed out the soft targets and relieve them of their cash. If you struggle to believe this, try to find JT’s “syndicated” radio programme!


    • Great write up and to a tee. I am an idiot who bought into it with huge regret. I paid $894 for two CD’s and a $100 ticket to event in LA, in which they provide NO AGENDA, and JT Foxx didn’t even show up until then 3rd day. I am currently fighting with my credit card company to reverse the charge due to his fraud.


      • Forgive me for quoting Trump but “I hear you”. As I left the event in Frankfurt, I wanted to grab the people queuing to shell out 497 (not 500) Euros for a DVD whose contents were a total mystery to them. It could have been Bambi in Korean. JT is a fraud. His radio programme doesn’t exist, none of the stations he lists on have heard of him. Smoke and Mirrors … he is slick but he is also incredibly stupid. His slides are worse than a primary schooler could make, his testimnials are a joke – these shambling buffoons are so vapid you wonder what they have learned from the Mega Speaker.
        Soooooooooooooo angry.
        Interestingly, when I sought out his warm-up man, Brent Turley, we have the same screen of “look at me with famous people” and “no, none of my businesses is real”. Several other “top coaches” were investigated and it is the same clap-trap there once again. No-one is stating what they will do for your money, they just keep on about how amazing they are, look at me with the next A-list celebrity.
        I could do the same but I want to look at myself in the mirror. And like me.


  14. I am more so a disappointed with myself for being duped of a whole 5000 rand, being a student and the one dependant on my wellbeing.

    But no one is to blame, no one at all! Not even me.

    JT Foxx is a master at what he does and this cannot be taken away from him. He is brilliant in convincing and persuading. He said so repeatedly in his monologues “In an negotiation, only one person has be happy.” He kept on saying this and before, my personal instinct would be to say that is not ethical, it is not good. But I was convinced to believe and was self-convincing that he is right.

    In South Africa, Cape Town 2018 at an unassuming hotel, which when you see the pictures, it gives you and incredible allusion that you are at bay from the Sea, but you are roads and buildings quite far away. These would be usual alerting things in my mind, but for some reason, I wanted to do things differently and I paid a hell of an expensive price for that.

    Another alert was the consistent referencing of JT Foxx by his speakers, every single third sentence; it seemed odd and would raise an alert for me but I wanted to be different.

    When Reggie mentioned Oprah, my heart melted but, when he said she was molested when she was 15; in my head I was like, that is not true, that is not accurate information. However, I excused it as a mistake because I wanted to be different.

    Foxx eventually came out and it truly was underwhelming but with what seemed to be strategically placed people to create excitement; and there was a woman who was very loud and seemed too overly excited; but disappeared after the break; though it seemed she wanted to be present for the whole event. But this still did not convince me enough.

    I have to note; when they said “Dress to impress” in the email, it really took me way off and made me not want to go. I am regarded as generally handsome, and I am a tall guy and will normally get attention if I “dress well”, I generally don’t dress formally or to “impress”. But I wanted to be different from my usual self. People present looked at me quite a bit because I do appear as if I am rich especially when I am dressed well; which I did not want to give that false impression to anyone because it is clearly so far from the truth.

    My aim to go there was to see how I can fall in love with public speaking again because I stopped fours years ago for the exact reasons I saw at the JT Foxx event. But I wanted to be different. His focus is money, he claims to be the only one to have invested more in South Africa than anyone else, ever. He claimed to have done more for South Africa than what anyone has ever done. My academic mind thought, “How do you even measure that?” okay, perhaps through finance but he provided absolutely no evidence, nothing remotely close. But just his words.

    What happened to mean as result of that event, not only am I R5000 emptier in my pocket but he successfully removed the humanity and the desire of trying to do good through public speaking. I received a Refund Receipt from the purchase I made, and there it states that you can receive a refund by calling +1877.272.3031 X443 in the USA or e-mail to request a refund. I called the number as soon as I got home in every way and did not get through, it does not ring. I laughed to the realisation of a scam, I emailed and emailed but with no respond. All I know is that I want to get rid of these CDs and forget about this event. I feel kind of dirty, as though I need some form of cleansing after what I put myself through.

    There is absolutely no CONTENT, it is just talk, he is brilliant; he is a master; very similar to Mega Church Preachers and Mega this mega that.

    It is so unfortunate because I have such great ideas regarding speaking and helping out young people; I thought I was going to be learning the Why, but I discovered that why I should not. He removed the spirit and humanity from something which could direct change and inspiration to be better in society, than to be rich. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed.

    But it is well; it was my decision; we learn and keep learning.


    • Also, he is brilliant in creating fear around speaking out about him because when a video would be playing on the screen; he would tell us that he just spoke to his Lawyers and someone who has just defamed him, he is suing for $100 million, and thus he intensifies his voice and looks and all of us and said “I will come for you.” Wow, thinking about this day is actually quite something. Just a point of interest, can anyone provide the 52 Companies that He owns. Furthermore, What is his net worth? Can you provide the net worth of Reggie Batts? Or the homes that JT Foxx actually owns?

      a brilliant way of getting us pay for the Hotel for this “Free Event”

      he has people lurking for him everywhere and he speaks about these people sending him screenshots of anything negative said about him. Maya Angelou said “if you live right, you will worry less about having to protect yourself.”


  15. Hi there, thanks for stopping by. I’m really sorry to hear about your experience. You are one of a large number of people who have been in touch with me. The lack of any impartial information online means this post gets a huge numer of hits. It may be some solace to you to know that the Bitcoin community are among those beginning to hold Foxx to account: Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like to discuss your experience further!


  16. Kate, please check out my Face book page! I have spent 6 months fighting JT Foxx publicly on FB but behond the scenes have been working with Journalists and the story
    Will be comimg soon by the Top News Outlet in NY. Jt Foxx and his CULT have publicly attacked me for months and JT has threatened and sued me here in Sweden “twice”. He has been scamming, fraud, sexually harassing and sleeping with female clients for 15yrs. Finally justice will be served!
    He attacked and shuts down evety link and person who speaks out, this time the masses are standing together and this will be a clasc Action Lawsuit the “public vs JT foxx” in the US. JT Foxx is a Nasty Narcissistic Sociopath.
    I know he has tried to shut you down over and over! Has he ever sent you a cease and desost threatning letter?


    • I attended the speaker event in Vegas, and purchased the CD’s for $995. There is absolutely nothing on them. It’s a repeat of everything he said in the free event. I fought with my credit card company hard but finally got the charges removed. I only purchased because I thought there would be content AND he very specifically stated that you could email him directly with questions. So I asked one. He RESPONDED 36 days later, with a fragmented sentence that made no sense. When I called him out on it, politely but firm, he wrote back that he gets paid millions of dollars to coach people and I didn’t pay him, so he lied. He lies he lies he lies. I know a media “celebrity” who sat on his panel to pick businesses to invest in, and he told me that JT deliberately tries to intimidate the guests.

      I also attended the BIG five day end of the year speaking extravaganza. What a joke!! They don’t give you an itinerary so you don’t only show up for what interests you. I went with two women I met at the Vegas event.

      We went for the first day for about 2/3rds of the day and it was so boring and the speakers, who were supposedly trained by him were so horrible it was unbearable.

      Then they have the “interview a celebrity” part and literally 50 people came from Australia to get their one minute and one question with the celebrity just to get a photo op.

      The people were untrained. Stuttered and stammered. And you couldn’t hear them speak into the mic. We left. We popped back in the 2nd day for only minutes. We could just tell the event was ridiculous.

      We saw on social media that JT Foxx finally showed up at his own event on the 3rd day. The host of the show was super boring. Who promotes an event that they don’t even show up to!


  17. Hi everyone! I attended JT Foxx mega branding event today, 28 January 2019 here in Dubai. And all what you were saying guys were true. I had wasted my whole day. The worst part is, close to the end of the event, JT himself and his team were bz upselling outside the ballroom and left one boring speaker talking about how to write and published an e-book on Amazon. Slide presentations were terrible, looks like done by someone who’s just learned to use the Powerpoint. How terrible is that?!!!!!


    • Hi Ann, Thanks for stopping by! It sounds like you had a very similar experience to me. If you’re interested in discussing this further or of finding out about what happened after I published this post here and on Germany’s international broadcaster Deustche Welle, feel free to get in touch via email 🙂


  18. Hey everyone, I wanted to share my experience. My post will be long but it will showcase my experience as a very high paying former client. I am sharing my experience so you can decide for yourself, I am not a hater, nor am I a jealous person, I am just a former client shedding some light on how it is to be in the “family”
    Programs I have invested in:
    top1% (and no, he does not own the houses he claims he owns)
    CD’s – absolute rubbish
    Millionaire underdog book – I enjoyed it
    Wealth workout – absolute rubbish
    Mega sales (worst event ever, more on this later)
    dream team (waste of time)
    one on one coaching (excellent, make sure you get the best coach – Coach Cheri & Les Evans are AMAZING)
    VIP tickets at Mega Success (more on this later)
    I have been with the organization for just over a year and it really was great. I first saw Jt on stage at a Mega speaker event and I was blown away. that is where I bought cd’s and decided to take the plunge and do top1%.
    before heading to top1 I decided to start listening to the cd’s – speak your way to millions. A few minutes into the first cd, I thought to myself, what the hell is this, this is literally an event recording, it has nothing to do with how you can speak your way to millions. There that one goes, Then I started googling Jt and my jaw dropped, I got shivers down my spine and thought to myself I just spent $10k to go to top1% and now I am reading all of the stuff on him on google – scam, fraud, sexual harassment, and the list goes on. I kept an open mind
    Top1 was in Thailand, my first ever paid event. I was new and knew no one. this is where I met Les Evans, the greatest coach that’s in the organization (I think he has left now). Jt did not speak to me at all, but his CEO – Damien did (I know they have split up and there is a huge lawsuit going on between them, and I will not get into that). I really enjoyed top1%, met so many great people and that is where I signed up for top1 lifetime and coaching. (and yes, they will sell to you at every event). Top1 is a 3 day event, first 2 days content and the 3rd day they just sell you the entire day. As the top1 progressed, the latest ones does not have any content, it is soimply opened by a rant by Jt for a couple of hours, him speaking about himself for a couple of hours and then he goes around the room and ask the person what he can help, it is never something detailed, it needs to be something that the entire group can learn from. You are also sold to have a one on one session with Jt and I have never received that too.
    The one on one coaching was really great
    Dream team
    Worst 4 days ever. This was probably the biggest waste of 4 days of my life. Sitting in a room with about 30 others and each person gets a 10min hot seat. Not for me. This is a very entry level event and definitely not for someone that has been in business for a couple of years.
    VIP tickets at Mega Success
    Now this is where everything got interesting. I bought a vip ticket to have photos taken with the celebs. You would line up in a queue and take a quick photo with the celeb. When I got to the front Jt was also in the pic. This confused me, as I didn’t want images with Jt I wanted images with the celeb. Jt would travel the world selling this to people without telling them that he is also in the photo. this was such a big disappointment. Photos came out eventually and they weren’t the best so I had them edited and cropped Jt out. the moment that went on to social media I got abused from him and all of the other people. “how dare you crop Jt out” , “where is your loyalty” and the list goes on. 18 months later and I am still waiting from other celeb images which were never shared on the link, apparently they went missing. Now if I am paying $5k to get photos, I expect to get all photos. Still haven’t received any photos and no response from the organization.
    Mega sales (please bear in mind this is their elite program, most expensive you can find, apart from the golden circle)
    I went to a mega sales event hosted by Jt ( it was always hosted by Damien, but with the split that changed, and in total honesty, I wanted Damien to present it, as I knew there is no way Jt would be able to do it, and I didn’t want to sell like Jt, because he lies on stage all the time.). When I bought the program from Damien, it was sold as 5 days with 5 coaches. What I got was 4 days with 2 coaches (you can barely call them that) and Jt a few hours a day (he literally just belitted everyone the hole time). This was by far the worst event ever, and it still gets to me how do they even think that this is valuable, it was rubbish. there was zero content – ZERO CONTENT. We would sit and roleplay for a few minutes with the coaches – THAT IS IT. Then Jt came in, (so I thought ok great, now the learning will start, because as Jt says, this is the event where he teaches people how to sell like him) he embaressed, emotionally abused people (including myself). I was at a loss for words, how can this even be legal, how can this be a reflection on value and how can this be a reflection on #familyfirst something that Jt preaches 24/7. I left that event in total shock and disappointment in myself, why didn’t I see Jt for who he is, why did I invest so much of my money? Why ? Why?
    To this day, I still cannot forgive myself, I am writing this with so much heartbreak, I could have used that money in my business, for my family, so many other things, but no Jt took all of it. Don’t get me wrong, if I got value from it, I wouldn’t have been typing this, but I didn’t get value.
    The only good thing I have learned from this (Lets focus on the positive) – How to NOT run a business and how to NOT treat clients.
    Jt Foxx, AKA – Justin, I know you are going to read this sometime, from one business owner to another, you need to stop and really look at what value you are offering to your clients. You are obsessed with the money and you do not care about any of your clients, you just care about how much money you can make of them. I know you don’t do refunds, but it will be great to get my money back for mega sales & lifetime, as you have emotionally broken me and stole from me by not delivering value


  19. Do not give your money to Jt Foxx,

    I have invested A LOT of money in the organization buying most of the high ticket price offers. coaching, top1, mega sales. Jt promises you the world and how his coaching will transform your life and how top1 is the fast track. It is not. He does not care about people, he only cares about how much money he can make of people. I have invested my life savings with Jt after he told me how successful I will be, and how he will hold my hand and that he will be my parachute when I jump out of the airplane. Well I jumped, Jt took my money and I fell flat on my face.

    I am now so strapped with money after giving him my life savings that I have no other alternative than to actually go work for someone which I have NEVER done in my life.

    Jt has broken me emotionally and financially. I seriously have no idea how I am going to recover from this.

    I wanted to share my story so you are aware of the price you will pay.


  20. Hi Happy Healthy WomanDay!

    I am from Finland and share JT era and experienced the flip side of this coin.

    I would truely feel value if you, Kathy like to contact me by privat or fb chanal or How can I get in touch with You ?


  21. Hi everyone, seems this post is getting a lot of attention So I thought I would share my experience. Let me make this very clear to anyone wanting to invest in Jt Foxx. If you want to learn how to do business and be successful then Jt Foxx is NOT your mentor, rather look at Russell Brunson, Grant Cardone, Sam Ovens etc. if you want to LOOK like you are successful, “ fake it till you make it” yes Jt is your guy. He will give you the stages (with maybe 500 people in the audience but he will tell everyone else it was 2500 people) and branding that will make you look like a superstar on social media but if you have no business skill you are throwing all that money away. At none of the events I have ever been too (top1, mega sales, 2 day events) has Jt or his team actually taught business, it’s the same old stuff,- you need to have a strong USP, okay how do I do that, they do not teach or show you the how.

    I remember to this day, I was at a top1 event and we were breaking for lunch and a client asked Damien (former CEO) a question about business, and Damien said – “ well if you come to my house we cover all of that”.

    Let me just emphasize that Top1 is already a $10k event, now the client at Top1 (which he paid for to get the shortcut to success like it is advertised from stage when you buy it) is told by Damien that he needs to come to another event (which is $30k) to be shown exactly that. The event is not even done and they want to charge him more to go to another event to get the knowledge that he wanted to receive at the first event which was Top1 – THIS IS ABSOLUTE RIDICULOUS & DISGUSTING.

    Jt does not sell the HOW he sells a fake life, how to look like you are successful. The last time I checked Facebook likes, comments and looking like I am making it on Social media do not pay my bills.

    I have lost more than $60k with this org and regret it to this day

    People open your eyes, do your research.


  22. I just want to add to this chain of comments. Attended event in Houston yesterday. I was looking for something really speaking focused. Very quick into it, I figured it was “one of those” again. I stayed until the end. There were probably 100+ people. I think about half signed up for something. The CD package… $350 or so…times 50… good day, right. Then a couple on the full package. And then at the end a rush at a 50 USD package. Probably had 30K revenue that evening. I like his witt, his humor… but at same time I knew it was serving a purpose… to take money from people’s pockets.I bought nothing.


    • Nice to hear from you, Jan-Luc! Glad you could see through it. I He does this all over the world, day in, day out. And while it may work, no amount of money could ever make up for the emptiness of such a pursuit.


  23. Thank you for your review.
    I was gonna sacrifice my whole day and a few hours drive to attend to his event, now its pretty clear to me that is not what I’m after.


  24. Hi Kate,
    thank you very much for sharing your experience. I got the invite for his event in a few days in Munich and was sceptical about his credibility from the start. People who truly are successful usually don’t have to promote themselves as much unless that is their sales strategy. I am very glad I found your review which I find very descriptive and not judgemental. Because as much as I dislike unethical sales strategies like his, I disklike one-sided and judgemental reviews. Therefore I was glad, I came across yours. It made it very easy for me to decide not to waste my day there.

    And about the dissapearing reviews on him: Money can buy a lot – even people or companies deleting content on the internet. Kate, please stay as you are and don’t get bought.


  25. To anyone who has attended a JT Foxx event (whether or not you had the misfortune to give him your money) … We wanted to invite you to visit and post on our Facebook page, the JT Foxx Information Page, which is exposing the truth about Foxx’s scam and organizing victims to fight back. Thank you!


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