Inclined to Recline in Vienna

LSB’s feet

On Friday, LSB and I packed my life into seven bags and fell onto a train. After a grubby, sweaty and exhausting journey, we arrived in Vienna. The last time we were here was in the summer of 2009 when we fell in love with the city’s implausible majesty. The highlight of the trip then, and now are the “etsies” in the museum quarter. “Etsies” are bright-coloured spongy loungers in various shapes which have been a feature of the city since 2002. They change colour from year to year. You can sit, lie, climb or sleep on them. LSB and I curled up on one tonight, holding hands and reading our books. We must have looked insufferable. After a little while, my bum began to hurt and we went home.

3 thoughts on “Inclined to Recline in Vienna

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  2. Sounds lovely! Vienna is on my list of places to see. I can’t imagine having anything like that in a major US city. I’m afraid “etsies” would get ruined in a heartbeat!


    • they’d be ruined in Dublin too unfortunately: something which makes me very sad.. But I suppose that’s the beauty of travel.. I would definitely recommend a visit here. The city has a kind of magic to it – it’s strangely stuck in the past, very contained, but in a way, ready to spill over..


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