Lessons from the Lampsilis Mussel
“Top of the morning to you, 2013”
Why did the three little boys go to the market?
Rose of Tralee 2012: The Highlights
Why Our Politicians’ Private Lives Matter
A hangover, a prayer and a pond
“Disc”covering Ourselves
The Ladybird
Vienna: “Clocking” In
Why Grocery Shopping Is Better Than Therapy
Daniel O’Donnell: Charms to which I am immune?
The Forbidden Fruit: Why Paul Begley Won’t Go To Hell
Thoughts on leaving Ireland: Why Emigration is my lifestyle choice
Big Issue: Small Change
Armpit hair or the Eurozone crisis? The writer’s dilemma
On being a creepface
My Boyfriend is a Savant
Unfortunate back story? You could be the next big thing!
My left-leaning Christmas tree from Crumlin
The only Iraqi man I’ve ever met
Confessions of an Arabic student: Ordering falafels and sounding like a pirate
Beauty? I just can’t nail it
Leprechauns trade in gold as downturn hits the streets
Three men that don’t know they’re in my life
Are schooldays the best days of your life?
Katekatharina’s Online Arabic Tutorial
“Hay” there! Arabic shit and how to put your foot in it
Wesley Women celebrate 100 years
The Future of Print Journalism: Inside the New York Times
Confessions of an economic dunce
My scrapes with the violin and the crushes that never go away
What’s happening in Kurdistan?
Confessions of a teacher: Part 1
Confessions of a teacher: Part 2
Confessions of a teacher: Part 3
Confessions of a teacher: Part 4
Bridging east and west: Katekatharina needs your help
One thief, one Casanova, two carphone warehouse sales assistants and a citizen’s arrest: Grafton Street, 2 pm
Some notes on housekeeping
The Retro-White-Laced Floral collar: a brief treatise on Reverence
Celebs spotted in SandymountL LSB with lover in self-service till tiff
Why my career as a jouster was doomed to fail
Why Philosophy is best on the bus
Reflections on the mirrors in Bewleys
On books, buyers and balloons
My Juvenilia and the opening line that wasn’t
A Royal Flush
Plans for my retirement
Cat Psychology
My Quarter-life Crisis
1001 Arabic nights
Anyone with a novel idea?
On love or Ode to my LSB
Want to succeed in journalism? Photograph yourself with a tree
Sunday Miscellany or “My week in review”
All that glistens is not gold
A growing a detail
I wish there were a fly in my eye
Waking up to smell the coffee
Generation X Factor: Reeling in the Years
Hair today. Where tomorrow?
Being made or maid?
The wrong track
Tough Shit
“Dad, can I be a liberal with a conservative mindset?”
Holy Smoke
The tree of life: at the root of it all


One thought on “Columns

  1. Hey girl. I think you are amazing! Some great stuff here. Don’t have time to read it all now, got to get to work but will come back later for a really good creep around. Have a great day! Go be brilliant like only you can be!

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