The Model Railway and The Emergency Haircut
Let it snow, please let it snow
The Republican
Naked Gloria
The Old Man Who Couldn’t Stop Falling
Katekatharina is Offline
The Spindly Old Man And His Giant Dog
The Art of Being Alone
Berlin does Karaoke
Saturday Morning
When Penneys came to Berlin
Boston or Berlin?
“Were you born in Dublin or in “Baile Átha Cliath?”
Irish Boy Cries; Turkish Man Orders Buttermilk
Berlin versus Vienna: a Capital Battle
Alone in Berlin: Part Two
When Dublin meets Berlin
Alone in Berlin: Part One
A Tale of Domestic Disaster
Bag Yourself a Sister Like Mine
Why Grocery Shopping is Better than Thearapy
“Have you ever had a wet arse, Herr Schaffner?”
On carving your niche
Daniel O’Donnell: Charms to which I am immune?
Books in Berlin: Red Wine, Dim Lighting and.. Kate Katharina
Books in Berlin: “How do you meet men?”
Books in Berlin
Eye Candy
The Graveyard
The Stress Test
Three Women that don’t know they’re in my life
The One Meter Bar of Chocolate and Kate Katharina’s Mega Easter Egg Competition
LSB and the Great Lockout of 2012
“What have you got to smile about?”
Loose Change
LSB makes Berlin Debut
Snapshots of a Weekend in Berlin
“Thanks for the Bailout!” Irish celebrate in Berlin
On the “Erfolgserlebnis”
Why I am becoming a punk
How I missed out on visiting the biggest chocolate house in the world
Banking Crisis in Berlin: a Special Report
Ich bin angekommen!
Thoughts on leaving Ireland: Why emigration is my “lifestyle choice.”


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